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Experience & Passion. 


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Gabby ursino

Owner operator Gabby Ursino graduated from the International School of Beauty Therapy in 2006. Here she completed the International CIDESCO & CIBTAC diploma, and was awarded Best Client Care from the Luxury Steiner Cruise Academy.

Following graduation, Gabby continued to perfect brow styling for many years. During this time she developed what has came to be known as the Brow Hub method, a philosophy of styling created from a demand of those seeking natural and safe shaping approaches. 

In 2013 Gabby merged into full time brow styling to keep up with demand. Now Located within the quaint Chelsea Village of Nedlands, the Brow Hub team takes pride in offering top quality service & a comfortable environment for all walks of life.  

Gabby’s extensive experience in the industry has created a market for therapist’s looking to further knowledge & develop brow styling skills in this method. Gabby provides one-on-one training for those interested in advancing their abilities via the project brow initiative.

On behalf of Gabby we welcome you to Brow Hub

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katarina callegari 

Katarina is simply an absolute blessing to our team. Hailing from São Paulo Brazil, this Latino beauty knows a thing or two about good eyebrows. 

Katarina took an interest in eyebrows from a young age, and started her brow journey from the age of 17. Katarina and Gabby have identical philosophy’s about what a good set of brows needs, and one of the reasons her expertise is highly appreciated within our team. 

Last year she added to her portfolio by training in micro blading from one of Brazil’s best -Tamara Freitas and the cult Phi Brows craft master training. Katarina & Gabby have been on a mission over the last year to offer an expert service in this area, soon to be offered later this year. 

Her passion and extensive knowledge of brow design has brought her into a leading position here at Brow Hub.

On behalf of Katarina we welcome you to our studio 

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danielle o'sullivan 

Danielle is a mixed box of talent, and a foundation to our team. 

Many of you know her as a musician, singer, photographer & makeup artist, but here at Brow Hub her incredibly good eye for symmetry and design goes a long way. 

Not only does Dani have the talent to perfect a good set of brows, she is our in house makeup artist, also available for freelance jobs such as weddings, engagements and photo shoots.

Dani works part time for Brow Hub, whilst she tours with Meg Mac and team giving wonderful performances to the people of the world. We love her for being so talented, but hate it when her skills leave us!

On behalf of Dani we welcome you!