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our philosophy


At Brow Hub our philosophy revolves around enhancing the organic structure of eyebrows; creating full and natural designs, unique to each individual.


Embrace the brows you have; we are all different!

Enhancing the organic structure of eyebrows

Brow Hub leads the way in revolutionising current trends & focuses on undoing the damage the “arched error” has created. Our technicians use freehand techniques & custom colouring to properly enhance client’s eyebrows, allowing for low maintenance, natural complimentary styles.

At Brow Hub our philosophy revolves around enhancing the organic structures of eyebrows, creating full natural designs unique to each individual. 

For many years therapist have incorrectly used styling methods such as various measuring techniques, compromising natural growth patterns, creating unsightly, high maintenance, damaged brows.

Lack of training & knowledge about the anatomy of eyebrow has lead to mis-managed shaping.

While manipulation is key to achieving a well-styled brow, importantly the correct amount must be applied in order to maintain the integrity & to prevent damage. Every brow is different. They grow differently, the colour and texture varies. What is suitable for one is likely not suitable for another.

Our brow philosophy creates a safe environment where clients can confidently receive brow-grooming service