When should I start preparing my eyebrows for my wedding/major event?

It's always recommended to book a minimum of 3 sessions before any big occasion. This is important to ensure clients don’t react to new products & helps us establish the desired style. It takes on average 3 months for hair to grow out, therefore recommend at least 7-8 weeks of growth before Initial visit for best results.

Importantly, most women start the grooming process leading to their big occasion; generally this entails change/additions in skin care routine. It’s very important for clients to keep their technician aware of adjustments in treatments or skin care routine during this time. If the technicians are not informed properly, adverse reactions are a potential problem.

Do I need to grow out my eyebrows before my first visit?

For the best result absolutely! However we understand this is difficult, and we can manage to style your brows with as little as 3 weeks growth. 

Although achieving the desired shape will take longer, it’s preferred you don’t tweeze & interfere with the styling process, so regular visits are required to prevent the temptation of tweezing. 

How often do I need to rebook?


Most clients rebook between 4-6 weeks. During week 4-5 you will notice your brows getting untidy & harder to maintain, as the re-growth starts to increase & hairs become longer, the shape dissipates…This is when your due!

However depending on personal hair growth patters, this will vary give or take several weeks. Generally after 2-3 visits clients will have an idea of required time between appointments.


Henna has the same result as tinting, however the purpose of henna is for skin staining. Best for thin and patchy brows, or those skin types that don't hold tint very well. Henna last between 7-12 days longer than tint depending on your aftercare and skin type. Henna is natural and recommended for pregnant women who may want to avoid chemicals. This treatment does take slightly longer so please mention when booking if you would like to try this service.


Depending on the porosity of your eyebrow hair, tinting can last between 3-8 weeks. Avoiding over cleansing is the key to maintaining colour; frequent brow washing strips not only tint rapidly, but also essential oils from the hair shaft. 

Always note that fresh tint will stain the skin. While staining is a bonus for many, & generally inevitable depending on the tinting technique used, it washes out from the skin within 2-5 days.

We advise clients to cleanse their brows several times to remove staining, or to avoid excessive cleansing to maintain the temporary stain, depending on preference. Don’t be fooled into thinking your tint is fading quickly when the stain is coming off the skin!

The colouring of the hair shaft should last at least 2 weeks, however if you hair is extremely resistant, and for some reason you find it isn’t lasting, talk to your therapist, we may need to adjust processing time and colour selections based on these factors.

We do not pressure clients to come back sooner than they require, we are very happy to accommodate what you feel is necessary, and one of the reasons we offer separate Brow and Tinting services to accommodate needs.

How can I encourage my eyebrows to grow?

For most using any form of conditioning brow serum is a good start to strengthen and encourage growth. Many clients have problems with dormant follicles from over waxing or tweezing; so growth-stimulating products are ideal to encourage hair growth. However on consultation depending on the condition of your brows, we may recommend specific formulas.

What happens if I am not achieving the result I want?

It’s not always easy to manipulate a client’s brow into a shape they want. Our brows only hold potential for so many styles based on the underlying organic structure. It’s not like a haircut where you pick the style you want for the season. Brow hair is precious and delicate. The chances of follicle damage and scaring are a real thing, so when it comes to choosing the style you want, carefully consider the outcome that has.

Essentially the more shape or arch someone requires, if their brows isn’t already naturally defined and structured, the higher maintenance the brows become. If this is something clients desire, they must be fully aware that shaping is required frequently for maintenance. Additionally, keeping the maximum fullness of the brows is not possible, as extra hair must be removed to cut angles required for higher arched brows.

If a client is after a brow that compliments their natural structure, the less maintenance the brow becomes. Automatically there is less potential for damage, and the brow can remain as full as possible without compromising its integrity.

Various other factors that inhibit clients achieving the style they want include; density of hair growth, direction of hair growth, or lack of hair growth.

These factors can only be altered so much depending on the individual condition of the brow. We recommend thinking about alternatives such as eyebrow tattooing if your needs are not achievable through brow waxing, tinting & makeup application.

Our stylists are honest in advising clients of the best action necessary for achieving desired results, and will properly inform you of the best options for your brows.